A lively, popular dining experience located in the heart of Addis Ababa , Ethiopia Imaginative dishes packed with an organic flavor. Thoughtfully selected local produce. A relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. Warm, courteous service.

We are Greens

Greens Restaurant
Enjoy Your Healthy Meal 100%

Providing an Array of Flavors and Aromas, Green Restaurant Offers A Simple, Fresh and Healthy Dining Choices of Ethiopian At Its Green Restaurant’s Restaurant One of The Most Enjoyable Settings in Addis Ababa.

Your taste buds will relish Green Restaurant’s organic ingredients and freshly made meals that your body will thank you for. Our laid-back ambiance along with our wrap-around floor-length windows are surely the perfect setting to keep the conversation going and ease your digestion.



The World’s Healthiest Foods

Greens Vegetable

Vegetarians love us

Ye Negus Gebeta

A food combination that accommodates ten to twelve people


The best hummus is always from us only.

Greens Combo

A food combination that accommodates five to twelve people

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