Room service menu

Room service charges 80 ETB

1013 or 1017 Call

Hot drinks

Horizon Tea
105 ETB
Fresh Ginger tea
105 ETB
Termaric Seasonal Tea
115 ETB

cold drinks

Water 2L
60 ETB
Ambo Water
40 ETB
Soft Drink
40 ETB


Acacia Medium sweet White
975 ETB
White wine chardonnay
1150 ETB
Acacia Medium sweet rose
975 ETB
Acacia Medium sweet red
975 ETB
Acacia Medium sweet white 3 litter
4410 ETB
Acacia Medium sweet red 3 litter
4300 ETB
Acacia Dry red
895 ETB
Acacia dry rose
805 ETB
Acacia Medium sweet rose 3 litter
3935 ETB
Acacia dry red 3 litter
3935 ETB
1150 ETB

main dish

Roasted beff sandwich

combination of : Brown bread with roasted veal, mozzarella cheese, onion, chili, lettuce, tomato, house sauce.

340 ETB
Chicken sandwich

Combination of Brown bread, avocado, lettuce, carrot, apple, mushroom, black olive, sweet pepper house sandwich sauce

960 ETB
Mixed veg Salad

combination of: lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, broccoli, sweet pepper, carrot

235 ETB


French toast and egg any style

combination of: scrambled egg, fried egg, boiled egg, omelet served with pancake syrup, butter, honey

385 ETB
Strawberry pancake

combination of : flour, egg, strawberry, pancake syrup, or honey served with banana slice.

385 ETB

All the above prices are inclusive of a 10% service charge and a 15% VAT.