Hotel Policies

Terms & Conditions:

This offering, including availability and price, is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Security Features

62 CCTV cameras cover the premises

1-month footage storage

20 employed hotel security personnel on-site 24×7.

The hotel is 2 km away from Bole International Airport

1 km away from the hospital

Underground and porch parking for 10 and 15 cars, respectively.

Entry and Exit gates in front and rear of the hotel are managed by  security

Front Office:

At this time, we appreciate that our guests may prefer the opportunity to limit potential contact points with others in their space. They are requesting guests to do online check-in before arrival to speed up their check-in process.

Physical Distancing and all Hygiene levels are to be observed in our guest transportation

Guest-handled welcome amenity pack containing hand sanitizer and disposable mask

Hotel Nurse on-site and clinic on-site

Guest Rooms:

As such, Mado Hotel Addis Ababa is adjusting standards. Daily guestroom housekeeping services to provide service every third day during a guest’s stay. Please know that periodic safety and well-being checks in guestrooms will still occur. If you prefer to receive full daily guestroom housekeeping services, please let our front desk team know].

All high touch points in the rooms are to be cleaned, sanitized, and sanitized’ stickers placed on them after cleaning.

Employees cleaning the rooms discard protective masks and gloves after cleaning each room

Cleaning of rooms is to be done by two separate teams, clean and soiled team, to reduce the risk of contamination

One set of gloves is used per room


Backup Generator that can run for 2 days  

Back up diesel on site, 25 thousand liters

Back up water in a 400-meter cube that can run for 3 days

IT Capabilities

Fiber optic line with a capacity of 100 Mbps

Satellite TV in each room

WiFi speed 100 is available in the hotel. Speed can be increased at an additional cost.

WIFI per room: room 3Mbps

Food & Beverage:

QR codes leading to venue menus & sanitized PVC-covered menus for those who would prefer physical menus.

Our very own Hygiene Manager on-site will have zero tolerance for all hygiene measures.

Introduction of a clean and soiled team as well in all lounges and restaurants.

`No self-sealing in all our bars and restaurant (seating guests by the hostess) to ensure physical distancing.

1 experienced internal chef on board covering different cuisines.

Fitness Center:

We recognize maintaining a regular fitness and exercise routine is often an integral part of our guests’ stays, and our fitness center remains open 12 hours during this time.

We have enhanced fitness center maintenance to include a dedicated fitness center attendant who will continuously maintain and clean all equipment 12 hrs

work to ensure proper physical distancing, and aid guests, as necessary.

The Spa:

Is fully operational again with an abundance of caution, Indulge in our Spa with a fine selection of treatments for your skin. Relax and rejuvenate from head to toe and enjoy our exquisite facilities.