MADO Wellness Center

To us at MADO, your wellbeing is our primary concern. That is why we have dedicated

Our spaces to cater to your physique. Make sure to put in your morning workout in our gym, and never miss a beat. The tranquility of our spa is just what you need to unwind and reboot. Take a few moments to savor a peaceful moment with yourself in our steam, sauna, and watch the hour slip by. Or better yet, treat yourself to our Morocco Bath. Our specialists with exquisite techniques will be sure to scrub even your worries away. If that doesn’t do it, then our masseuses can provide a solution. Let their magic hands lure your pains and aches away one focused rub at a time. After all the work and travel you put in rest assured, you deserve it!

Spa Features


Swedish Massage | Aromatherapy | Deep tissue massage | Face, Head & Shoulder Massage | Scalp | VIP massage | Hot stone | reflexology | foot massage | scalp


Steam or Sauna | Steam & Back Massage | Steam & Swedish Massage | Steam Couple & Swedish Massage


Five Mado special | Four Mado special | Three Mado special | Two Mado special | one Mado special | Normal morocco


Body scrub massage Body scrub massage for a couple | bwb |hc | sv | rm | crh | tr


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