Things to do

Unity Park

Unity Park is established in 2019. The park is located at the Grand Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a compound that has been a seat of state for more than a century

Zoological Museum

The Zoological Natural History museum was established at the then University  College of  Addis Ababa in 1955. Since then, it has remained the only natural history museum in the country. It is located in the science faculty compound and houses Specimens of more than 1100 species of animals. These specimens were collected by Mr. S. Patrizi during the time of Italian occupation, staff and students of the Department of Biology, and various researchers who worked in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Biology Department.

St. George Cathedral

The church of St. George is a very traditionally structured building. Menelik II following his victory over the Italians at the Battle of Adwa built the octagonal church in 1896. St. George the dragon killer was the patron saint of soldiers and it is to him that the church is dedicated. In St. George church, the most interesting thing is the artwork of both modern and traditional church painting.

Entoto Natural Park

Wildlife Sanctuary, Entoto Natural Park towers high above Addis Ababa the Capital of Ethiopia. A historical protectorate with the reliability of a cliff fortress. A canyon of adorable beauty and lush greenery. The resting place from the era of dreams. Towards fresh well-fragrance of highland. Clear and pleasant hiking trails. The rising shoulder of the mountain’s massif. Spring water bath of the high plateau. The wild forest of the ancient. The healing capacity of native wildlife.

National Museum

It comprises many archaeological and historical findings including the famous complete hominid fossil remaining of ‘Lucy’ locally known as ‘Dinknesh’ meaning wonderful. Visiting this museum is having a good summary for your visit to historic Ethiopia.

Ethnological Museum

It is found on the main campus of Addis Ababa University by the Institute of Ethiopian Studies with the aim to preserve the country’s historical and cultural heritage. It has complete collections that describe almost all the tribal groups in Ethiopia. Here you will have an overview of the history, culture, and traditions of the people of Ethiopia. The collections include the nomadic tribal groups that are now living just as man’s forefathers lived thousands of years back.

Trinity Cathedral

a beautiful church with a baroque style of European architecture which is unique to both Ethiopia and Africa and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Here you will find scripts of the imperial families, statues done by a Greek sculpture, Stained glass window paintings from the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, and coffins of Emperor Haile Selassie-I; the founder of the church, and his wife

Red Terror Martyrs' Memorial

The Red Terror Martyrs’ museum is a sobering tribute to the victims of Mengistu Haile Mariam’s Derg regime, which ruled over the country between 1975 and 1987. It’s estimated that as many as 750,000 people died during the party’s brutal reign; as the Derg attempted to crack down on political opposition, abduction, torture, and murder became commonplace across Ethiopia. The brutality reached its bloody zenith between 1977-78 during the ‘Red Terror’ purges, one of the darkest periods in Ethiopia’s recent history. 


It is the largest open-air market in Africa. Here you will be presented with confusing, but fascinating, glimpse of the vast range of goods and artifacts available from all parts of the country and you will enjoy the Ethiopian trade exchange tradition in the open air, you can purchase any thing you desire here.